Spray Spray Fit™ Sculpting Mist Serum
Spray Spray Fit™ Sculpting Mist Serum
Spray Spray Fit™ Sculpting Mist Serum
Spray Spray Fit™ Sculpting Mist Serum
Spray Spray Fit™ Sculpting Mist Serum
Spray Spray Fit™ Sculpting Mist Serum

Spray Spray Fit™ Sculpting Mist Serum

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Why exercise when we can spray on some toning serum and move on with life?

Get toned without the treadmill using SpraySpray Fit™ Sculpting Mist Serum. This serum promotes firmer-looking result and reduces cellulite. Its formula contains a unique complex assisting process to lose the extra flab, improving blood circulation and smooth everything out.

SpraySpray Fit™ Sculpting Mist Serum is a new and improved body shaping spray will allow us to spray it practically anywhere anytime. With new “dry” design there is no mess caused by access gel, so you don’t need to wrap yourself in plastic any longer. 


  • Accelerate Fat Burning: SpraySpray Fit™ contains a unique combination of caffeine and Arabica coffee, which facilitates the burning process.

  • Inhibits Growth of adipose cells: SpraySpray Fit™ visibly reduces the lumps and dimples under the skin, working on cellular level to effectively overcome stubborn adipose cells and cellulite

  • Eliminate Cellulite: Cellulite is actually an accumulation of subcutaneous fat. The active ingredients in SpraySpray Fit™ facilitate the local burning process.

  • Firm Up Problem Areas: SpraySpray Fit™ contains Hyaluronic Acid that helps firm up skin, preventing wrinkles and creating a smoother appearance over time.

  • Boost Blood Circulation: SpraySpray Fit™ contains Guarana plant seed extract that can penetrate deeply and stimulate blood circulation in order to encourage rejuvenation.   

  • Enriched with Moisture: SpraySpray Fit™ contains collagen, which helps to promote smoother, younger and more elastic outcome. It provides nourishment with long lasting and deep moisture.

    Everyone has the right to feel good, confident, and proud. And we're here to help y'all to achieve that! 

    Everything You Wanted To Know:

    Will I feel a heating effect when using mist serum?
    • You may feel a gentle warming sensation when using SpraySpray Fit™. This is because SpraySpray Fit™ active ingredients help increase blood flow to your skin in order to help burn fat and improve its appearance. Which is why you may feel it's a little warmer than usual. 

    Does the mist serum have an immediate effect?
    • This mist serum gives an instant lift and firm to problems area. It takes around 3 weeks to see a reduction in cellulite. 

    How often should I use the mist serum?

    • Recommend to use it twice a day. 

    Is EasyFit™ suitable for all skin types?

    • Absolutely! Skin type does not affect SpraySpray Fit™ effectiveness. All skin type can use it. 

    How to use SpraySpray Fit™?

    • Apply appropriate amount on the necessary parts massage gently until the product is thoroughly absorbed. 
    • Apply to: Waist, abdomen, hips, thigh legs and arms
    • Shelf life: 3 years
    • Package include: 1 x SpraySpray Fit™

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