Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet
Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet
Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet
Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet
Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet

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Don't miss out on the Magnetic Weight Loss Bracelet!

Looking for a way to boost your metabolism, relieve stress, and enhance your overall mood? This bracelet is the answer!

Made from the highest quality Brazilian Hematite, this magnetic bracelet is known for its healing properties and its magnetic powers. Not only does this bracelet look sleek and fashionable on your wrist, but it comes with a ton of added health benefits.

  • IMPROVE METABOLISM. The benefits of magnetic bracelets all start with improving your circulation. The magnetic hematite in the bracelet draws more blood and cellular respiration to the arm, resulting in increased metabolism and weight loss.
  • HEALING & PAIN RELIEF. Hematite is proven to reduce stress, negative emotions and blood pressure disorders. Magnetic hematite is also known to regulate the blood flow in the body to help relieve headaches and anemia. Additional physical benefits include relief from cramps, spinal problems and fractured bones.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY. Natural genuine precious 8 mm hematite stones - very strong elastic which means you can wear this bracelet every day and not worry about it breaking. 
  • INCREASE CIRCULATION. Therapeutic benefits for conditions related to poor circulation to the extremities, including cold or numb hands and feet. The Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine reports that scientific researchers and magnet manufacturers propose that magnets can increase the flow of blood to tissues and can increase the temperature of the treated area.
  • PAIN RELIEF. Magnetic bracelets are proposed as an alternative medicine method of addressing finger and wrist pain such as discomfort caused by arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. According to theory, therapeutic magnets may change how nerve cells function and may block pain signals to your brain.
  • INJURY RECOVERY. Wearing a magnetic bracelet may assist the healing of injuries to your hands or feet, supporters say. Therapeutic magnet manufacturers claim that magnets promote healing by stimulating circulation and bringing oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues.


      • Size S: 13 mm
      • Size L: 16 mm

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