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The World Record 2,096 miles On Just A Single Tank

"An invention that car companies have been trying to conceal..."

What is FuelSaver™?

FuelSaver™ is a new application of old technology. It acts like a small battery that helps car's electrical system to perform better. This tiny device is fitted with a capacitor that once plugged in to the 12v adapter, it instantly connected to the car's main electrical system. (capacitors are also commonly used to power the electronic flash in cameras).

The capacitor first charges and then discharges the stored electricity (voltage) when there is a heavy energy demand from the alternator. Heavy energy demand (reduced voltage) is caused by the usage of electrical car accessories such as LED lights, windshield wipers, air conditioning, stereo or any combination of them.

Instead of the alternator and battery having to work overtime, FuelSaver™  supplements the required voltage to reduce the load on the electrical system from any accessory that is being used. The reduced electrical demand frees up energy that can be better used to deliver a more constant and steady supply of electricity to the spark plugs and ignition system and in the end helps to save tons of fuel.  

The 7 Proven Benefits of FuelSaver™ :

  • Decrease vehicle’s fuel consumption by as much as 40% ( Result can be seen within 1 week! ) 
  • Lower emissions
  • Enhanced horsepower
  • Longer battery life 
  • Higher throttle response 
  • Install effortlessly and watch the monthly fuel cost goes down
  • No more weekly overspending in the gas station and frequent trips to car maintenance  

How To Use?

1. Plug FuelSaver™ into the cigarette socket.
2. Wait for red light to blink once. Then, the device is ready and working.


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