Decal Eraser Wheel
Decal Eraser Wheel
Decal Eraser Wheel
Decal Eraser Wheel
Decal Eraser Wheel
Decal Eraser Wheel
Decal Eraser Wheel

Decal Eraser Wheel

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Remove decals and stickers in MINUTES!

Decal Eraser Wheel is the most effective way to quickly and easily remove old baked on decals, stickers and vinyl within minutes.

It helps to easily remove the toughest, hardest, meanest stickers and decals from cars, trucks and glass.


  • VARIETY OF USES: Effective removal of auto body vinyl decals. pinstripes or pin striping, bumper stickers and other adhesives.
  • SAVES MONEY: There is no need to purchase extra expensive power tools as this will fit any home drill. The decal remover wheel will also save money by not having to strip paint to remove decals, striping and stickers.
  • FAST AND EFFECTIVE: Innovative wheel design keeps wheel cool and works with applying only light pressure. The rubber stripe off wheel can withstand up to 4000 RPM to effectively and quickly remove decals, stickers, and pinstripes from cars, boats, RV, trucks, motorcycles and more. Most effect RPM falls between 1500-3000 RPM.
  • SAFE: Great to use on multiple paint, chrome, and metal surfaces. Will not scratch or harm acrylic enamel or urethane paint. Do not use on lacquer coatings.
  • SIMPLE APPLICATION: Kit includes electric drill adapter arbor for easy installation on any home power drill.

Why choose Decal Eraser Wheel?

  1. Without gouging or scratching the paint work
  2. Without touching toxic chemicals
  3. Without spending hundreds of dollars on "pricey" equipment
  4. Without damaging or harming the environment
  5. Not suitable for Plastic

    How To Use:
    Step 1 - Pull your eraser wheel from its secure packaging.
    Step 2 - Pop the eraser wheel onto your regular household drill 
    Step 3 - Place the eraser wheel on any decal, sticker, or vinyl (up to 55 years old) and turn on the drill.
    Step 4 - Watch as your decals and stickers quickly vanish revealing a smooth, decal free surface.

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