Cool Refreshing Mouth Spray
Cool Refreshing Mouth Spray
Cool Refreshing Mouth Spray
Cool Refreshing Mouth Spray
Cool Refreshing Mouth Spray

Cool Refreshing Mouth Spray

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Feeling Cool & Refreshed at All Times


No one likes bad breath and it could cause many awkward situations and might ruin first impressions or even first date. It might seem like a small problem but it really could make a person feel self-conscious and thus have less confidence. This Cool Refreshing Mouth Spray helps you to do exactly what it states, freshen your breath and maintain your oral hygiene.



It’s designed to help regulate the balance of the microbiome for maintaining optimal oral health as the formula kills any bacteria that causes the foul smell which means you are getting rid of the root cause of the problem and are able to have fresher breath and feel refreshed at the same time.


It works fast and lasts a long time. It can effectively improve the smell of your breath with just a few squirts. In fact, this one small bottle can provide you at least 150 sprays that are long-lasting and refreshing. There is also a mint smell accompanying the spray so that you always smell fresh and clean.

Carry this pocket-sized Cool Refreshing Mouth Spray around with you at all times and bust them out when you need them. Fresh breath, boost your confidence.


Product Features

  • Instantly eliminates bad breath with just 1-2 sprays
  • Each easily portable bottle contains over 150 sprays
  • Environmentally friendly without any biocides which are gentle on humans and the environment
  • Mint smell that leaves you feeling fresh and clean


Product Specification

  • Type – Oral Spray
  • Function – Antibacterial, breath freshener
  • Usage – 2-3 squirt at a time
  • Content – 18ml


Package Included

  • 1 x Cool Refreshing Mouth Spray

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