BeliFlat™ The Herbs Pellet
BeliFlat™ The Herbs Pellet
BeliFlat™ The Herbs Pellet
BeliFlat™ The Herbs Pellet
BeliFlat™ The Herbs Pellet
BeliFlat™ The Herbs Pellet

BeliFlat™ The Herbs Pellet

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It's never been easier to lose inches

The latest nanotechnology coupled with traditional herbal remedies brings up this BeliFlat™ The Herbs Pellet!

Small yet powerful, the pellet delivers their natural ingredients that able to penetrate directly to remove impurities and speed up fat burning to bring back healthy weight and confidence look.


🔥Simple and Direct

It starts working immediately, right from the first use. The nanotechnology has granted the pellet direct access to targeted areas, directly dissolve grease and discharge impurities for fast slimming effects.

🔥Detox, Dissolve & Discharge

This incredible pellet patch works to speed up metabolism, improve blood circulationsuppress appetite, control calories intakeimprove digestion and relieve constipation as well, to regain a healthier immune system beside losing inches.

🔥Traditional Method with Fast Result

Using the best and natural ingredients, a secret extraction system is developed to get the highest concentrated constituents from each herb infused in it, which is proven to promote healthy weight loss.

🔥100% Safe, No Side Effect

The easiest way to cut down inches for everyone. Peel, place and stick it on targeted area and all doneJust wait and see the improvements and positive results over time.


Apply at night, tear off the next morning

Apply on the targeted area for 5-8 hours daily, use during sleep for optimum results.


Ingredients: Mugwort Floss, Old GingerSichuan peppercorns, Sun-dried Longan

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Package Including: 30 PCS x Slimming Belly Pellet + 30 PCS x Patches

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