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Poreless GreenT Mask Stick

Break the spell

of problem pores

  • Exfoliates and Purifies

  • Oil Balancing

  • Brightens and Smoothens

  • Hydrates and Nourishes

  • Strengthens and Rejuvenates

product Feature


Blemished Skin

This mask stick able to breakthrough acne fighting products do more than simply zap zits – they resolve the pore problems in the first place, keeping everyone's complexion clean, clear, and blemish-free for good.



Designed in stick formulas. It is incredibly easy to use for visible result in as little as 5 minutes.

Simply switch up the sticks for precise application specifically targets the areas of your face without any mess.

key ingredients

Customers' testimonials

“Had a terrible breakout that covered my cheeks for the first time in my life (I think a reaction to a new face mask). I've spent nearly 2 months trying to heal my skin that was red bumps, small white heads, and terrible acne. I've tried multiple products but this one has worked the best and as someone with very sensitive skin i'm happy to say I've had no bad reactions.”

Francisco D.

“THIS STUFF IS INCREDIBLE! This face mask left my face feeling really clean and soft. It also smells so good! I have really sensitive skin and it didn't irritate my face at all. Thank you wonderfully natural for this miracle mask. This is now and always will be my new skin care routine. Trust me, you’ll be sad if you don’t try it! The other great thing is it’s so cost effective.”

Lisa T.

“ GREATEST ADDITION TO MY SKIN CARE ROUTINE! I have a skin condition that requires constant moisturizing--I look like I am molting if I don't do it at least every other day. This product completely eliminated any flaking or dryness perfectly. I apply it out of the shower and my skin feels perfect after 20 minutes. I will buy this until I die.”

Marie S.

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HOW LONG CAN Poreless GreenT Mask StickLAST ?

The product shelf life is 3 years. It is advisable to finish within 6 months once you have opened it.


Yes, it can be used on any part of body that consist of skin.

DOES Poreless GreenT Mask Stick HAVE ANY SMELL?

It is odor free and fragrance-free. Our product is made from natural ingredients that create natural aroma from plant extract.

CAN Poreless GreenT Mask Stick BE WASHED OFF AFTER USED?

Absolutely a YES. It was made to be easily rinse off after each use and leave your skin incredibly smooth and clear.

IS Poreless GreenT Mask Stick SAFE TO USE?

It is guarantee safe to use because it is made from all natural based plant extracts. It brings complete satisfaction to the user and visible result for their skin.

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