perfect the art of nail

Mastering nail art for embellished manicure

💅🏻 Draw lines Effortlessly

💅🏻 Fail-Proof, Easy to Control

💅🏻 Precise, Ultra-Fine Tip

💅🏻 Quick Drying, Waterproof

💅🏻 Versatile Nail Art


Customers are happy with smooth drawing


Customers enjoy they are fail proof and effortlessly


Customers love they are easy to get the colors flowing


Customers satisfied with fast drying and long lasting result

Why Choose Nailease™?

Draw lines, swirls, and delicate patterns

on your nails like a pro with this pen!

THIS IS WHAT styles Nailease™ Easy Nail Paint Pen CAN draw

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Top Recommendation

Nailease™ Easy Nail Paint Pen

with Steady Drawing Design

  • Fail-Proof, Easy-To-control

    Pen design steadies hand while creating various nail art, it is perfect for beginners and manicure lovers at all skill levels.

  • Precise, Ultra-Fine Tip

    The ultra fine tip of pen allows you to draw smooth, precise stripes, flowers and patterns effortlessly!
  • Quick Drying, Waterproof

    Also lasts long up to 6 weeks, the highly pigmented formula makes it perfect for added versatility to spice up your manicures.

  • Widely Used

    Works great on gel nail polish, nail polish, acrylic nails, matte nail polish, false nail forms and more.

How To Use

1. When using for the first time, you need to press the pen tip for 3 seconds, and then repeatedly press the pen tip vertically until the ink flows out.

2. When the ink does not flow out of the pen tip or the painting is intermittent, you can draw on cotton or paper first, or press the pen tip until the ink is drawn out.

1) Press the pen tip to discharge the ink.

2) After applying the base color.

3) Draw your desired design.

4) Let dry and your nail art is completed.

Basic Set

(Black + White)


$12.49/ Each

$49.98 $24.99


All Color Set

(Black + White + Silver + Gold)


$9.99/ Each

$49.98 $24.99


Party Set

(Silver + Gold)


$12.49/ Each

$49.98 $24.99


Commonly asked

Commonly asked

Is your nail pen thin enough?

You can paint ANY styles or patterns with this nail art pen, the pen is thin enough to travel through. If your nail pen is too thick, it will not move or flow and you will struggle! Our pen has a very high pigment content and the pigment is fine enough to be used with the pen tip.

Is it can paint on a rough surface?

Yes, it can paint on rough surface and even on shiny surface.
There are two options – 1) Top Coat and then lightly buff the surface. Paint your design and then re-top coat 2) Apply 2 coats of Gel Polish color as normal, curing after each layer. Use a dry lint free wipe, or a clean dry brush to wipe away the sticky inhibition layer. Use the nail art pen to paint and then top coat.

Is it a Brush?

It’s not a brush and it never will be. It is a pen and should be used this way. Hold it like a pen, use it on a 45 degree angle, and draw with it like a pen. Once you change the way you think about it, everything comes together.

Do I need to use it on paper first?

Always start on paper first – dip and then draw a couple of lines on some paper, Make sure you are doing so on a flat, hard surface (not 3 layers of fluffy towels and desk towels), To achieve flow move the pen tip back and forth on the paper to get it going.