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Bringing Out The Natural Beauty

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Actual Result, Real Transformation

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True Wrinkle Busters

Cater to all your wrinkle smoothing needs

  • A

    Forehead Tape

    Frowns fixed, furrows nixed…turn your down-time into anti-frown time!

    Helps to minimizes frown linesand lift up brows

  • B

    Eyes Tape

    Raise the beautifulness of the windows of soul after each use!

    Helps to fade crow's feet, reduce puffiness and lighten dark circles

  • C

    Smile Lines Tape

    Here's a reason to smile: wrinkles + crinkles banished, in just one night!

    Helps to smooth wrinkles,prevent aging sign with its anti gravity action

  • D

    Neck Tape

    From turkey to swan, your most flattering neckline is one-night’s-sleep away!

    Helps to firm neck lines,give neck lifting and support to prevent further creasing

Join Us In The Battle Against Ageing

Face The Future With Firmer Skin

Choose the right one based on your concern

or take all for total youthfulness from inner to outer

HiddenAge™ Lines Reduction Secret


Lines Reduction Secret

$49.98 $24.99
Smile Lines Tape (5 Pairs)Eye Tape (5 Pairs)Forehead Tape (5 Pieces)Neck Tape (5 Pieces)


Wrinkles Free - Youthful and Firmed Looking

Free of Harsh Chemicals & 100% Medical Grade

Second Skin Comfort & Long Lasting

Defense Against Environmental Aggressors

10,000 five-star reviews in 3 weeks

Powerful Hydration, Real Comfort

Gentle on skin, harsh on wrinkles

Pure & Natural

The Beauty That Enriched With Nature

Tackles All Wrinkle Worries!

Without side effects and high spending

How to Use


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What are the HiddenAge™ made of?

They are 100% medical grade silicone. There are no allergy causing additives or adhesives used in the manufacturing process, so it is great for any skin type.

Is it disposable or reusable? 

HiddenAge™ is designed to be used once only for maintaining its best performance and ensuring hygiene purpose.

How do I apply HiddenAge™?

They are to be worn on clean dry skin with absolutely no product or lotions underneath. Wipe the skin and allow to dry prior to applying the pad.

How long before I will see results?

The results are depend on how much is being used, since some areas of the body are more susceptible to wrinkles than others.

When should I apply HiddenAge™? Can I wear it on while sleeping?

Our pads are designed to be worn while you sleep. However, the pads can be used during the daytime as well.

How long should I keep HiddenAge™ on for the best results?

1 hour of application or use them during sleep time will give you the best results.

Can I use HiddenAge™ during pregnancy?

HiddenAge™ are safe for all and even pregnant woman as there is free of harsh chemicals.

End The Aging Now

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