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  • Accelerates fat loss

  • Lose weight quickly and finish with skin imperfections

  • Diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch mark

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Support Weight Management

Help to prevent overweight and assist weight loss

Boost Metabolism

The higher metabolic rate, the more calories burn 

and the easier it is to lose weight

Fat Elimination

Breaks down fat cells and decreases the amount of

fat that the body produces

Achieving Better Appetite Control

Help to reduce the hunger and promote weight loss

  • Unique Slimming Formula 


Boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning

Ginkgo Biloba

Increase blood flow, calorie-burning and

provide a boost to your metabolism

Green Tea Extract

Reduce body weight, alleviate metabolic syndrome,

and prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

Ivy Extract

Have a slimming and anti-cellulite effect because it helps prevent water accumulation in the skin

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"My name is Casey and I struggle to eliminate fat after consuming fast food... I was of the belief that I would never find a solution to the issue until I purchased this fantastic product. It has worked for me every time I have applied every patches. I am very impressed. My stomach is smaller. I will definitely continue to use Mymi™"
- Casey from Texas, USA.

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  • How To Use

More than 48% have lost more than half their mass

  • 1 Day:       Reduced food cravings - 78%

  • 10 Days:   First visible results - 93%

  • 40 Days:   Slimming and boost metabolism  - 83%

  • 64 Days:   Weight loss and full detox - 90%

Thanks to its various active ingredients, Mymi™ offers a natural and innovative solution with transdermal technology. A single patch every day is enough to burn fat and detoxify body effectively. 

Every last detail has been designed for supreme efficacy, comfort, and practicality. The patented formula combines the most effective plants for a powerful and continuous slimming action.

MYMI™ have natural herb ingredients such as Caffeine and Garcinia Cambogia, known for their for lipolytic and draining effect, plus Ginkgo Biloba extract to tone, firm, and combat free radicals. The effects are boosted by a super- tested thermo-active ingredient which stimulates the microcirculation.

Use : We recommend wearing MYMI™ for 8 hours, ideally at night and between meals to promote the active effects on digestion and appetite.

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