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What's so special about The CurV Sculptor™?

We know how much ladies love to have a flat tummy, curvy booty and snatched waist without feeling constricted. That's why our signature evolutionary high-waisted shaper——The CurV Sculptor™ is ideal for you, if you want good coverage, compression control, and a glute lift that last for 24 hours.

Who can wear The CurV Sculptor™?

The CurV Sculptor™ was designed and manufactured to cater all ladies who need a reliable shapewear regardless of their sizes and body types. The CurV Sculptor™ is very elastic and also durable that it won't lose its original shape even when stretched up to 300%.

What is The CurV Sculptor™ made of?

The CurV Sculptor™ is made of 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex and high quality fibers. All the materials were chosen and combined with the perfect proportion to give you the lightweight, breathable feel together with maximum comfort to wear it all day long.

Will The CurV Sculptor™ shrink after wash?

The CurV Sculptor™ uses natural fibers in its materials. Hence, we would recommend to wash it by hand with a little detergent and to avoid using a washing machine or soaking it in the water for a long period of time.

Will The CurV Sculptor™ leave a mark on body or show any lines under outfit?

No. The CurV Sculptor™ is unlike the super tight strangling corset or shaper. Our product has a strong yet flexible compression which not too tight, that it would leave mark on your body parts and lead to skin irritation.

Is it convenient when we go to restroom?

SURE! The CurV Sculptor™ comes with seamless highly stretchable design without any restriction, it almost effortless to wear and take off whenever you want.

Can I wear The CurV Sculptor™ after giving birth?

Yes. The CurV Sculptor™ has been worn by many of our customers a few days after giving birth or surgical procedure. It helps to hug you in a most comfort way to help shape your body and feel more comfortable during postpartum period.

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